Summary Report of the APPPC working group meeting for plannning (2014-2015), 13-15 May, 2013, Bangkok, Thailand

Publication date
20 May 2013
<p>The APPPC Working Group met in Bangkok, Thailand, from 13-15 May 2013 to prepare the Commission&rsquo;s 2014-15 work programme. The recommendations to be presented to the 28th session of the APPPC included: (1) further work on ISPM 15 and 14; (2) the beginning of implementation work on ISPM 31 with a survey; (3) work of ISPM6 implementation concerning pest surveillance data management; (4) regional workshops on draft ISPMs; (5) information exchange programme on pest status, phytosanitary treatments, PRA and capacity development projects; (6) a work programme planning group meeting in 2015; (7) the development of RSPMs on alternatives to methyl bromide fumigation and pest risk management for seed production for vegetable and flower seeds; (8) an implementation survey on RSPMs; (9) the continuation of SALB work; and (10) pre-CPM consultations. Workshops on IPM and pesticides will also be discussed at the 28th session of the APPPC. The costs of the 2014-15 work programme was estimated for consideration at the 28th session of the APPPC. As well, it was proposed that the session consider a raise of 5% in the level of mandatory contributions. The meeting also reviewed recent APPPC events, the 8th meeting of the Commission on Phytosanitary Measures (CPM) and the recent meeting of the IPPC Standards Committee (SC). In addition, the meeting considered the current status of three work areas including plant quarantine, IPM and pesticides. Discussion topics included ISPM 6 regional workshop and symposium, draft ISPM regional workshop, information exchange, development of RSPMs on fumigation and irradiation, SALB workshop and pre-CPM consultation.</p>