RSS feeds

What is an RSS Feed?

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a easy way for you to keep up to date on the latest additions to the APPPC. It's an XML file that can be read by special feed reading software or a web service you can use from your web browser.

How can I make use of RSS?

You will typically need a software program called a News Reader. This displays RSS information feeds from your chosen websites on your computer.

How do I get a News Reader?

There are a range of available News Readers to choose from. Different News Readers work on different operating systems, we have presented a nonexclusive list that may help you in choosing the right one for your needs. The APPPC is not endorsing the use of any of these products in particular, this list is purely for informational purposes.

How can I get a News Feed from the APPPC?


All you have to do is put the address of our RSS (or web) feed into your reader by clicking on the RSS feed link on the home page or the link provided below. Your News Reader will then display the latest additions to the APPPC, each one with a link that will take you to the details page of the resource in our database. (Adding news feeds to your reader may vary by program, it is always best to follow the instructions of your specific News Reader.)