Report of the 26th session of the Asia and Pacific Plant Protection Commission

Publication date
30 Dec 2009
<p>The twenty-sixth session of APPPC reviewed the activities of the Commission carried out during the past two years and the overall plant protection situation at national and regional levels. This document presents the final report of the session. This session was a milestone in the history of the APPPC with three significant outcomes: (1) the revised Agreement of Plant Protection for Asia and the Pacific came into force from 4 September 2009, which enabled the Commission to set up its own financial mechanism after 26 years&rsquo; effort; (2) the rules of procedure and financial rules were discussed and adopted by the session, which governs the procedural activities and the financial administration of the Commission; and (3) two RSPMs were adopted, including the RSPM on guidance on the operation of land border entry points for local trade and guidelines for protection against South American Leaf Blight (SALB) for rubber.</p>
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