Indonesia ratifies the Rotterdam Convention on PIC

At the recent 28th Session of the APPPC, Indonesia informed the participants that it ratified the Rotterdam Convention on the Agreement Procedures based on the Initial Information for Certain Dangerous Chemicals and Pesticides through Law number 10 Year 2013 (on 8 May 2013). The Rotterdam Convention is an instrument which has been ratified by many countries which guarantee the supporting Country through a regulation on approval based on the initial information for certain industrial chemicals and pesticides in the international trade. The Convention is expected to protect Indonesian society from the negative impacts of international trade on certain dangerous chemicals and pesticides through the arrangement of approval procedures based on the initial information. Other conventions which are related to the Rotterdam Convention are Basel Convention, which regulates Supervision on the Traffic Changes of Dangerous Wastes and its Disposal, and Stockholm Convention, which regulates production and handling of chemicals. Indonesia has become the member in the two Conventions

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