Regional status of pest surveillance in the context of ISPM No. 6 - Guidelines for Pest Surveillance (analyses of responses to IRSS questionnaire from APPPC countries)

Publication date
25 May 2012
<p>In 1997, IPPC issued ISPM No. 6: Guidelines for surveillance.&nbsp; The standard describes the requirements for general surveillance and specific surveys. The purpose is to generate information about the presence or absence of regulated pests in a way that is internationally acceptable.&nbsp; In 2011, the IPPC&rsquo;s Standards Committee selected ISPM No. 6 for review by the Implementation Review and Support System (IRSS), aiming at identifying implementation challenges and making recommendations to the review panel of ISPM No. 6.&nbsp; A questionnaire was sent to APPPC&rsquo;s NPPOs.&nbsp; Seventeen countries responded and listed their resources and best practices.&nbsp; This publication reflects the current regional status of the pest surveillance by presenting the survey results and analyses. Best practices of the surveillance and main constraints, challenges as well as issues that existed in implementation of the surveillance were discussed and updated at a workshop held in Thailand from 31 Jan-3 Feb 2012.&nbsp; The experiences with the ISPM are expected to facilitate the work of the ISPM No. 6 review panel and foster greater collaboration among APPPC members.</p>