14th APPPC Regional workshop on review of Draft International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures (ISPMs)- Report

Publication date
11 Nov 2013
<p>APPPC organized a regional consultation on review of draft ISPMs from 28 Oct.-1 Nov. 2013 in Korea with financial support from the country as usual for sharing country views on the draft and develop regional comments. Korea have provided financial support for the consultation since 2006. Draft standards have been sent for member consultation by the IPPC Secretariat to contracting parties, national plant protection organizations (NPPOs), regional plant protection organizations (RPPOs) and international organizations after clearance made by the Standards Committee (SC) of IPPC. The consultation not only provided an opportunity of the consultation among member countries but also provided a practical training to participants for improvements of capacity in active participation in facilitation of country review and preparation of country comments on the draft ISPMs by better understanding main contexts of the draft and how to express the view with substantial and concise language as well as the skill of using on-line-comment system. The outputs of the regional consultation will help countries to consolidate country comments on the draft before the end of November 2013. Regional comments and country comments will contribute to the development of new ISPMs. Draft ISPMs consulted and commented: Management of phytosanitary risks in the international movement of wood (2006-029), Priority 1 Preliminary draft: Minimizing pest movement by sea containers (2008-001), Priority 1 Movement of growing media in association with plants for planting in international trade (2005-004), Priority 1 Phytosanitary procedures for fruit fly (Tephritidae) management (2005-010), Priority 2 Amendments to ISPM 5 (Glossary of phytosanitary terms) (1994-001) During the regional consultation the workshop also discussed on other subjects relating to IPPC, these were: National reporting obligations, Update on the new standard setting process, Information on expert consultation on cold treatments,IRSS Helpdesk and provision of answers to IRSS questionnaires, Invasive Alien Species (IAS) and the IPPC, Update on electronic certification (ePhyto), Phytosanitary technical resources, Participation in the standard setting process, and Single windows</p>