Guidance for harmonizing pesticide regulatory management in Southeast Asia

<p>FAO provided technical assistance to Southeast Asia countries for enhancement of harmonization of pesticide regulatory management through technical cooperation project titled &ldquo;Assisting countries in Southeast Asia towards achieving pesticide regulatory harmonization&rdquo; from 2009 to 2011.</p><p>As part of its inputs, the project produced a set of guidelines to support the countries in their efforts to harmonize their registration systems.</p><p>These guidelines are recommended for implementation by the member countries. In this publication, the guidelines have been summarized and compiled so that they may serve as a reference manual to the countries in their efforts to strengthen and harmonize their pesticide management.</p><p>It is hoped that this guidance will not only facilitate the regional harmonization of pesticide regulatory processes, but that it will also foster greater cooperation and information exchanges among the countries as well as contribution to food safety approaches. For more information visit:…

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