REPORT from the Regional workshop on the pesticide registration toolkit was convened from 1-5 June, 2015 in Hanoi, Vietnam

Publication date
29 Jun 2015
<p>The workshop on the FAO Pesticide Registration Toolkit was convened from 1 to 5 June 2015 in Hanoi, Viet Nam. Twenty-seven (27) experts from Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, Thailand and Viet Nam as well as FAO Headquarters and Regional Office for Asia and Pacific participated in the workshop.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>FAO started developing a Pesticide Registration Toolkit to support pesticide regulators in countries with limited resources to go through the process of evaluating pesticide registration dossiers. The Toolkit will give guidance on which evaluations need to be done, how a registration authority &ndash; in the most straightforward way &ndash; can still produce meaningful results, and where relevant information can be found for registration by analogy as well as based on comprehensive evaluation.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>During the workshop the FAO experts presented the Toolkit and help participants in using its tools. Participants exercised on each tool of Toolkit and provided their feedback based on their experiences.. At the end of the workshop, participants provided their overall comments. and recommendations which will be incorporated during further development of the Toolkit.</p>