APPPC Training Workshop on Fruit Fly Management

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28 Jun 2016
The training workshop on Fruit fly management was hosted by Viet Nam Plant Protection Department from 20-25 June 2016 in Tien Giang, Viet Nam in collaboration with FAO RAP Bangkok. Twenty three participations from 14 countries attended the training. The main aim of the workshop is to provide an opportunity to improve capacity of the participating countries in fruit fly management based on ecological approach. It enabled participants to improve knowledge and skills of area-wide management of fruit fly, improving their capacity in identification of several important species, enhanced knowledge on fruit fly management strategy especially the 1-2-3 strategy, that includes use of protein baits, orchard sanitation and fruit fly monitoring by using traps (lures); learned how to organize fruit fly management through farmer field schools (FFS) including details arrangements of pre/post FFS, main context as well as skills of communication with growers
Fruit fly meeting - summary report of the workshop_201606280414--392.5 KB.doc
Fruit fly meeting 20-25 June 2016 VIE - report of the worskhop_201607040653--2.69 MB.pdf
Yusof Othman
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