Strengthening Pesticide Management in Agriculture to Reduce Risks to Health and Environment in Nepal (TCP/NEP/3502)

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08 Jul 2016
The implementation of TCP/NEP/3502 has been progressing well in achieving the target outputs for the duration August 2015 to June 2016 in term of developing and implementing pesticide policy and plan for Nepal. Several activities was conducted including development of pesticide reduction training curriculums for ToT of FFS, Code of conduct to the manufactures, importers, wholesalers/retailers and pesticides applicator. In term of capacity building, training have been organized to prepare the curriculum and code of conduct for safe use and handling of pesticides. In addition, a manual of GAP based IPM have also been developed to ensure producers have the alternative of not using or minimized the use of pesticide.

The implementation of the project is aims in disseminating and promoting environmentally sound alternatives for pest management leading towards the reduction of pesticide risk to non-target organism, environment and contamination to ground water. The minimization of pesticide usage in crop production or pesticide free produces is also to fulfill the obligation expressed by the government of Nepal in various pesticide related convention and treaties. Detail on the progress of the project is in the attachment link.
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