APPPC Regional Workshop on Empowering Farmers through FFS-IPM Training in Support of SustainableIntensification of Crop Production

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22 Mar 2017
The workshop was held in Kathmandu, Nepal from 27 February to 2 March 2017 and attended by 30 participants including 7 women from 13 Asian countries. It was organized by the Standing Committee on IPM of the Asia and Pacific Plant Protection Commission (APPPC) and FAO of the United Nations in cooperation with the Plant Protection Directorate in Kathmandu. Each country present their up to date progress on the implementation Integrated Pest Management through Farmer Field School approaches. The workshop concluded that the IPM FFS concept has expanded to other sectors such as food and nutrition security, health (plant, soil, human or environment) management, livestock, water management and climate adaptation. I was also noted that several countries have institutionalized the concept and build series of networking in Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Nepal, Philippines, Thailand and Viet Nam.
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Yusof Othman
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