Report of the APPPC Workshop on Plant Surveillance Planning, Coordination and Delivery

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28 Jul 2017
The workshop on surveillance planning, coordination and delivery was held in Chaing Rai Thailand on 17-21 July 2017. More than 30 participants attended from 19 countries. This workshop is the 2nd in the series of 6 years surveillance capacity development programme for the APPPC member countries with financial and experts resource from Australia. The 2nd surveillance workshop focus on prioritization of surveillance system, planning, delivery and communication to ensure participating countries have the strategic approaches in implementing surveillance. This will also maximize the utilization of limited resources such as funding, man powers and equipment. The detail report on the outcomes of the workshop as in the attachment.
Report of the APPPC workshop on the surveillance 2017 Chiang Rai Tha 17-21 Jul 17 (CJD 2707) (002)_201707280208--505.5 KB.doc
Yusof Othman
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