Report of 2020 IPPC-APPPC Regional Workshop

Publication date
01 Sep 2021
The regional workshop was held in four three-hour periods over four days from 7-10 September 2020. This was the first time this meeting had been held virtually. Some 18 countries attended with over 60 NPPO officials participating at some time over the four days. There were three basic areas of discussion: the draft ISPMs out for consultation, the regional action programme, and the updating of IPPC issues. Discussion on the draft ISPMs included: (a) Draft ISPM on audit; (b) Revision of ISPM 12 in the area dealing with re-export; (3) Commodity standard; and (4) CPM recommendation on food aid.

Please use the following link to download the report:

Ref-Report of 2020 IPPC-APPPC RW.pdf