APPPC pre-CPM-16 Meeting

The pre-CPM meeting is normally organized prior to the annual session of the Commission on Phytosanitary Measures (CPM). This year, CPM-16 will be firtually held on 5, 7 and 21 April 2022 respectively. The agenda of the CPM-16 meeting is available at the following weblink:

The objectives of the APPPC pre-CPM-16 meeting to be virtually held on Tuesday, 29 March 2022 from 10:00-12:00 hours (Bangkok time) are as follows:

(a) to review, discuss, share, and consider any topics/issues related to CPM-16 agenda items, which are of high priority to our region.

(b) to strategize how to approach the agenda items to help move things forward; and to identify any issues related to our region.

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APPPC Secretariat
Revised pre-CPM-16 meeting agenda.docx
CPM-16 INF Paper_Re 8.8.6_Focus Group on Sea Containers_NZ (Final).docx
CPM-16 INF Paper_Re 9.3_Focus Group on Safe Provision of Food and Humanitarian Aid_NZ-Australia(Final).docx
Comment by Japan on Audit Standard 0317ー.docx
Comment by Japan on Commodity Standard0317ー.docx
CPM-16 Agenda Item 8.1 -Report from Strategic Planning Group.pdf
CPM-16 Agenda Item 8.3 Framework for Standards and Implementation.pdf
CPM-16 Agenda Item 8.7 Task Force Recommendations from IPPC 2021 Call for Topics.pdf
CPM-16 Agenda Item 8.8.1 Recommendations and report from CPM Focus Group on Pest Outbreaks Alert and Response Systems.pdf
CPM-16 Agenda Item 8.8.6 Proposed establishment and draft TOR CPM Focus Group on Sea Containers.pdf
CPM-16 Agenda Item 9.2 Audit in the phytosanitary context (2015-014).pdf
CPM-16 Agenda Item 9.2 Commodity-specific standards for phytosanitary measures (2019-008).pdf
CPM-16 Agenda Item 9.3(a) SC recommendations - Adjustments to the Standard Setting Process to faciitate phytosanitary treatment development.pdf
CPM-16 Agenda Item 9.3(b) SC recommendations - Adoption of the List of topics for IPPC standards.pdf
CPM-16 Agenda Item 9.3(c) SC recommendations - Discussions on Food and Other Humanitarian Aid and Proposal for Focus Group Estsablishment.pdf
CPM-16 Agenda Item 11.2 National Reporting Obligations - summary of NRO 2021 activities and 2022 work plan.pdf
CPM-16 Agenda Item 11.3 Sea Containers Task Force.pdf
CPM-16 Agenda Item 11.4 Phytosanitary Capacity Evaluations - 2021 Activities.pdf
CPM-16 Agenda Item 13 Update on emerging pests activities.pdf
CPM-16 Agenda Item 14 Update on ePhyto activities.pdf
Contact for more information
Dr Yubak, GC
Executive Secretary
APPPC Secretariat